Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mobile App Testing Strategy: Defining “Mobile First” roadmap for Enterprises!

Analysts believe that the app developer companies should now adopt new techniques while building their apps and must have a mobile testing strategy defined in order to have a successful app on stores which is not buggy. A recent report from Gartner also states that mobile app developers have to think differently from customary practices. 

Enterprise application development and testing companies use orthodox rehearses to outline and develop desktop applications; however, most don't work on mobile, due to explosion of devices, network connectivity and other mobile-specific issues. The crux of the problem in mobile application testing is not addressed as there are variety of Operating System’s also known as fragmentation and devices diversity with different screen sizes and resolutions. 

At Software Assurance, LLC we look at the circumstances differently by discussing and defining a long-term roadmap of client’s app development and testing needs. To vision and tackle upcoming decade issues we plan and implement our mobile app testing efforts to define the mobile app testing strategy. We have maintained our mobile testing lab since last three years with the most latest and popular devices to ensure that we get the maximum coverage. The device selection is made on the basis of the historical app users patterns and we also look into the competitor app demographics. 

We have tested various apps in diverse segments and have successfully released bug-free tested versions after versions. On an average we have reduced the overall cost by 30% and time by 35% for our clientele. We have extensive experience in detecting and addressing gaps in traditional testing approaches. The key features of our test framework is that firstly it reduces redundancy and increases reuse. Reduced time to develop test suite which supports keyword & data-driven approach and requires low maintenance costs. 

We consistently leverage our Testing Expertise to help our Customers detect system bottlenecks before their Clients find them. Our Testing expertise and strong experience in various test automation and performance testing tools allows quick ramp up and has the flexibility and scalability to efficiently address not only current, but future testing needs. We have provided mobile app testing services to many large enterprises to very small organizations resulting in delighted customers and superior market perceptions.

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